Southwest Soil Health Consortium

Advancing The Art and Science of Soil Health through a workshop / training session. 

If you are interested in a Soil Health Workshop. 

Contact:   S. W. Soilhealth at  505-620-5434 or 

Note: Promoting the workshop will be by the sponsoring group or organization. 

What to expect:  Soil Demonstrations and Presentations

  • How to recognize and build soil health
  • Tests to determine the degree of soil health
  • Discussions on the 5 soil health guiding principles
  • Q and A’s sessions with guest speaker Clarence Chavez and Rudy Garcia, Regional Soil Health Specialist
  • Benefits of Soil Health: i.e. better infiltration, less erosion, increase water holding capacity, managing salts, increase soil biota, build soil structure, increase soil organic matter and
  • Plant / Soil nutrient cycling or soil fertilizer

Healthy / Productive Soils = Economic Sense and Nutritious Foods


A healthy, fully functioning soil is balanced to provide an environment that sustains and nourishes plants, soil microbes and beneficial insects on farmland and range land.


This is the first of several educational farming topics to advance

 Soil Health in the arid southwest

SW Soil Health Consortium Partners ( Hispanic Farmers and Ranchers of America Inc., Hearts of the Desert Rose Inc., Dr. E. Ingham-Soil Foodweb Inc., Dr. John Idowu-NMSU, Dr. K. Grover-NMSU, Dr. David Johnson-NMSU, Dr. Christine Jones-Amazing Carbon, Ray Archuleta- USDA-NRCS, North Valley Organics, Soil Secrets Inc., Tome Land Grant and National NRCS Soil Health Division.