“Northern New Mexico Soil Health workshop.”

The attendees at this workshop represented mostly northern New Mexico farmers and ranchers. The special guest at this workshop were members of the USDA-Foreign Agriculture Service.

Santa Fe workshop


Soil Trainining Isleta

Native American Soil Health Workshop”

This workshop provided farmers and ranchers the with everything they need to build a greater understanding about “Soil Health” in the southwest. The workshop provided a variety of content elements, such as what soil health is, basic understanding, how to improve upon and start a on the path of soil health.  These soil health elements are arranged in such a way that it provided a useful structure, as well as a sense of understanding, with an overall comprehension soil health will produce healthy crops, and healthy physical human bodies. 

  Other Sources: 

NRCS Soil Health Website –  Click Shift +Left Click mouse on link below.

Integrated Cropping Systems and Water Management HandbookNRCS Soil Health, Sustainable cropping system is an integral part of a complete farming system of soil, water, air, plant, animal, and human resources.

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