Building healthy soils which leads to healthy crops and healthy food.  


Soil Health introduced on a small abandon fruit farm near Shiprock, NM


The South-West Soil Health Coalition recognizes that many of these small-scale farmers and ranchers in these underserved communities, most of whom can trace their roots and individual farms to historical settlement of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.

Many of these underserved farmers and ranchers have not had the benefit or opportunity to gain access to USDA programs in the past due to limited resources, passing of loved ones who owned and managed the ranch or farm, lack of educational opportunities, limited English skills, differences in cultures that inhibit communications, fear and distrust of government, limited knowledge about of USDA and federal programs services and the absence of technical assistance to today’s high-end agricultural technologies and methodologies.

This will be the South-West Soil Health Coalition number one priority as an advocate to promote accessibility, inclusion and participation in all rural programs that benefits the rural underserved producer or customer.


To have discussions with farmers and ranchers, about the hard science of Soil Health and explain it in such a way that it can be understood by everyone in the audience. To bring clarity and understanding to the audience. At the surface “SOIL” looks dormant or inert, but at the microbial level. Soil Biota are quite busy building a healthy soil!” A healthy soils with better nutrient cycling, infiltration, porosity, diversity of soil biota, increased root production, aggregate stability and so much more. The NEXUS is going from a disturbed soil to a heather soil which takes anywhere from 4 to 9 years depending on farm or ranch management. What should be noted is that it is the soil biota that is the driving force behind soil health NEXUS.

By developing and following a “Soil Health Management System” to protect and enhance soil microbes and improve soil health, farmers and ranchers are breathing new life into our soils. 

Note: The poster “What does functional soil biota do and who is doing what?” was a project in conjunction with Soil Secretes LLC. Los Lunas, NM and C. Chavez. 


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