Healthy “Productive” Soils = Economic Sense

A healthy  soil will rejuvenate / revitalize the following: 

  1. Rhizosphere (roots)
  2. Water-Stable Macro Aggregates
  3. Soil Porosity
  4. Earthworms
  5. Detritusphere (surface residues)
  6. Water Infiltration
  7. Nutrient Cycling

                    Onions In Southern New Mexico

South-West Soil Health Coalition Guiding Principles:

1)   Continue to oversee the way and manner USDA and other federal agencies does their day-to-day business with under-served customers and ensure that every customer is treated fairly and equitably with dignity and respect;

2)   Promote, educate, gain access, and sustain working relationships with federal, state, county, private programs and services;

3)   Participate in agricultural programs and support a wide range of outreach and assistance activities in soil health management, farm and ranch management, financial and business management, marketing, conservation and natural resource management;

4)   Provide meals for children of low income families through the school system;

5)   Address the food and nutritional systems in the local schools and surrounding communities;

6)   Technical assistance and hands-on guidance in soil health, farming techniques, and specialty crops;

7)   Advocate the development of alternative education strategies and hands-on life skills programs as vehicles to eradicate social challenges;

8)   Address and integrate all facets of community mental health, education awareness, economic, social infrastructures, law enforcement, youth development and elder care through community-based, progressive programs of sharing and community involvement.

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